Key Steps for Post-Tryouts and Summer Preparation in Soccer

Steps After Soccer Tryouts and Summer Planning ⚽

Hello there! Your soccer journey doesn't stop after tryouts, whether you're a competitive or academy-level player. The moves you make post-tryouts can be as important as those during the tryouts.

After the tryouts finish, you might find yourself chosen for a team or needing to work on certain areas. No matter the result, knowing your next steps is key. This time can shape your soccer season, improve you as a player, and help you get better at soccer. From learning about your new team, setting your own goals, keeping up with the needed training routines, and learning from feedback, every step can help you grow as a player. Whether you're hoping to play for a club at the high school level or dreaming of college soccer, the steps you take after tryouts are essential. It's all about getting ready mentally and physically, keeping your motivation up, and always striving to be the best. A

fter tryouts, let's look at the important steps all players should consider to ensure they're on track toward their soccer dreams. ⚽

Steps After Tryouts

After tryouts, players should consider how they performed and take any feedback on board. They should also get to know their new teammates and coaches by attending team meetings or introduction sessions. This is a great time to set your own goals for the season.

Summer Training Programs

Training throughout the summer is key. Players should sign up for summer camps or training programs to improve their soccer skills. These programs usually include fitness, technical drills, and game tactics. It's also a good idea to practice on your own, focusing on any weak areas from the tryouts.

Key Notes

We must do more to be more...  Doing the minimum will yield minimal results...

Add ball mastery, strength and conditioning to your daily and weekly routines over the summer to continue growth and development and prepare!

U8-U12 players need to be able to juggle 10 times by the end of summer! Start with 1, then 2, and so on, adding a bounce in between if needed!

Juggling helps develop a player's game and love for the soccer ball!

Rest, Variety of Training, and Family Time

Importance of Rest: Rest is very important for soccer players after tryouts. It lets the body recover from physical stress and helps lower the risk of injuries. Rest days also give players a mental break, helping to keep their passion and focus for the game.

Varying Intensity of Training: Training after tryouts should have light and intense sessions. This helps keep fitness up without overloading the players. Light training includes jogging and stretching, while intense sessions work on skill development and tactical drills.

Incorporating Family Time: Balancing training with family time is very important for the overall well-being of young athletes. Support from your family plays a key role in a player's development. Taking some time off to be with family can refresh the players, making them more motivated and focused when they return to training.


The right steps after tryouts and summer preparation are key for soccer players. After tryouts, thinking about your performance, staying positive, and setting clear goals can help you improve. Looking for feedback helps shape your training, making sure weaknesses are worked on.

Joining summer programs keeps players active and sharp, bridging the gap between seasons. These steps align with the right habits and attitudes that can lift your game and prepare you for future challenges. The wider impact includes healthier, more engaged athletes and strong community ties through shared sportsmanship values. Parents and coaches have a very important role in supporting these steps.

Practical steps after tryouts and summer prep help individual growth and strengthen the shared spirit of soccer communities.

Let's all work together to encourage these habits for the good of our players and the game. ⚽



⚽️ U8-U12 Tryout Updates at Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

RE:  VHSC Tryout Updates for Wednesday, May 22, 2024

We want to thank everyone who participated in the U8-U12 tryouts at Vestavia Hills Soccer Club. Seeing such great talent and commitment to the wonderful game of soccer was truly inspiring. ⚽️

Important Updates:

  • No tryouts tonight (Wednesday, May 22). 🚫
  • Spots are still available in all age groups. If you are interested in joining, please register for tryouts using the link below and then contact the corresponding director:
  • We will host an auxiliary tryout in the next 7-10 days. If interested, please register for tryouts and contact the corresponding director.

VHSC Tryout Registration

Thank you again for coming to our tryouts and evaluations this week. We will be in touch soon with further information. We wish you all the best for the week and Memorial Day. 🇺🇸



Meet Our New Director of Coaching: Nolan Walsh!

Exciting Announcement! ⚽ 🎉

Vestavia Hills Soccer Club is thrilled to announce Nolan Walsh's appointment as the new Director of Coaching for the Attack and Steamers teams. With a solid coaching background, Nolan brings a wealth of experience and success to his new role.

Nolan has been an integral part of VHSC for the past two years, already achieving remarkable milestones, such as winning a state championship this past Fall. Before joining VHSC, he served four years as a staff coach and club registrar for Chicago FC United MLS Academy in Chicago. Additionally, he contributed as an assistant coach at Trinity University for five years, further honing his coaching expertise.

Nolan steps into his new role to fill the shoes of Coach Kat, who is embarking on a journey with college soccer at Pitt State, and Carlo Schiavoni, who has ventured into professional soccer with Birmingham Legion FC. We extend our heartfelt wishes to Coach Kat and Carlo for their future endeavors, and we're confident Nolan will continue to uphold the standards of excellence at VHSC.

Join us in welcoming Nolan Walsh to his new position and wishing him great success in guiding our Attack and Steamers teams to new heights! ⚽ 🚀

2024-2025 VHSC Competitive Team and Academy Tryout Registration Now Open!

🌟 Exciting News Alert! Vestavia Hills Soccer Club Academy and Competitive Team Tryout Registration is now open! 

📆 Save the Dates for Academy and Competitive Teams:

⚽ We are thrilled to invite all aspiring young athletes to join us for our Academy and Competitive Team Tryouts this May 2024!

Please note that the level of the team will determine league entry in the fall season:

U8-U11 Teams: ASA D-League
U12-U19 Teams
: ASA State League, other competitive leagues

🤔 Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Directors:

  • U8-U11 / 2015-2012 Boys & Girls: Jason Woodall, Academy Director
  • U12-U19 / 2011-2004 Boys & Girls: Nolan Walsh, DOC
  • U8-U19 Competitive Soccer: Luke Whittle, Director of Soccer

Let's gear up for an incredible journey ahead! See you at tryouts! 🌟⚽

#VHSC #SoccerTryouts

Steamers 10 Black are State Champions!

Congratulations to Steamers 2010 Black and Coach Rusty on being 2023 State Champions! The Steamers defeated Wetumpka in the semi-finals by a score of 4-1. William McClain led the scoring with two goals, while Brayan Machuca and Gavin Carpenter both added a goal each. Jonas Schaffer and Briley Guinn contributed assists in the scoring. Ethan Hurst and Nolan Blackenburg preserved the win in goal.

In the finals, the boys took on Trussville United SC. In the first half, Layton Draiss earned a penalty for the Steamers after being played through on goal, with Zach Phillips putting the team in front. Trussville converted a penalty of their own leaving a half time score of 1-1. Coming out of the break, Jonas Schaffer scored the eventual game winner after being played through by Jad el-Kattan. Brayan Machuca scored another goal late in the game to seal the win.

Congrats again, and GO STEAMERS!

Steamers 10 Black are Liberty Cup Champs!

Congratulations to Steamers 2010 Black and Coach Rusty for winning the U14 Samba division of the Liberty Cup! The Steamers recorded a 2-1 win on Friday over Trussville United and another 2-1 victory on Saturday over CI Hampton Cove. The boys finished their tournament tying 0-0 in a weather shortened finale against KH Murfreesboro. Congrats and GO STEAMERS!

Steamers 2011 Black are Perdido Soccer Shootout Champions!

Congrats to our 2011 Steamers Black I on being crowned Champions for the Perdido Soccer Shootout!

The boys finished the tournament undefeated and only conceded 2 goals throughout the entire tournament!

  • Game 1 saw the steamers play Pensacola Rush in a 2-1 win. Goals courtesy of Patrick Jackson and Luke Wilson helped secure the win for the team. Some great individual play from CJ Wade and Charlie Colvin helped create the goals to bring the victory.
  • Game 2 had the Steamers match up against MSC Lakers. The game ended in a 4-1 win with this being the most goals in a single game for the team at the tournament. Goals came from Nolan Walker, Luke Wilson and Collier Preskit to help ensure the victory for the team. Pulling the strings in midfield Jeremy Xie, Skye Rodney-Phillips and Will Ennis helped provide some creative solutions to find all the goal scorers for the assists.
  • Game 3 was a close 1-0 win. One teammate was unable to travel due to injury. Grey Caroll who provided a constant encouragement to the boys with his motivative talk and passion demand high standards.The game winning goal came off an excellent shot from Jeremy Lam all the way from the halfway line. This game resulted in the teams only shutout thanks to excellent goalkeeping from John David Reamey and aid of his back line consisting of Boone Dunham, Eli Smith, Jeremy Lam and Crue Swords.
A wonderful experience for all the players where they were able to grow and develop as a team and come away as championships! Congrats boys and great work!  GO STEAMERS!!!

2022-2023 Academy and Competitive Team Tryouts

Vestavia Hills Soccer Club is excited to announced Competitive Team and Academy Tryouts and Evaluations this May!

  • May 23-25, 2022
  • VHSC U9-U12 / 2015-2011
  • Competitive Team and Academy Tryouts

Please note that level of team will determine league entry:  I.E. National League, ASA State League, D League, and/or other leagues.

  • U12-U19 Teams - ASA State League
  • U8-U11 Teams - D-League, CASL, in-house, and local matches

Questions?  Please reach out to our Directors:

Steamers 10 Black II Are RDVC Tournament Finalists!

Congratulations to Steamers 10 Black II, who were finalists in this weekend's Red Diamond Vulcan Cup!

The boys won their first game 1-0 against Trussville, with Sawyer Prier scoring the lone goal. In game two, the boys again won by a score of 1-0, this time against ARIS FC. Jad El-Kattan scored a late penalty to get the win. Nolan Blackenburg kept a shutout in each of the team's first two group games.

The boys fell in the final to AFC, but played well and had a great weekend. Congratulations Steamers 10 Black II and Coach Rusty!
Way to go Steamers!

Steamers 08 Black are RDVC Tournament Champions!

VHSC Steamers 08 won the Red Diamond Classic this afternoon with a 1-0 win over Homewood!

The team went 1-0-2 in pool play with a win over Mountain Storm Signal and two ties against Trussville Fire and Columbus (MS), before beating Homewood in the finals.   The boys played great and Coach Will did a great job getting the most from them.

The defense only gave up 1 goal all weekend!

Way to go Steamers!