UPDATES: 5/25/2022

U8-U11 Academy Boys and Girls!  Please contact Jason Woodall for more information. Spots still available in all age groups.

U13-U19 Boys and Girls Tryout Updates.  Please contact our directors as there are spots available in specific age groups.


Executive Director - Rocky Harmon

Director of Soccer - Luke Whittle

DOC Boys U12-U19 - Carlo Schiavoni

DOC Girls U12-U19 - Kat Nichols

Academy Director U8-U11 - Jason Woodall

Registrar - Amy Disko

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What if I can't make tryouts?

Players that cannot attend tryouts will to:

  1. Register for tryouts
  2. After registering for tryouts, players will need to fill out this form: CLICK HERE

Families may then connect with their respective directors.

What are the Academy ages and when does full Competitive Soccer with teams begin?

The Academy ages are U9-U11.  There is great flexibility in the Academy with rostering, training, and games.  This is a 'pool' environment and standard practice across the nation for these age groups.

Full Competitive Teams begin at U12.  Players will be selected for the competitive teams during tryouts and roster and play within their teams.  The level of the team will determine the league and competition level.

Here is a quick look at the team names what they mean:

  • Black I, II, & III - 1st levels or 'most competitive' teams playing in high competition leagues/divisions
  • White & White II- 2nd level team, playing in lower division
Which tryout does my son or daughter tryout for? 

Players interested in playing for HVS will register at BOTH sites:  HVS and VHSC.  Upon results of the HVS tryouts, players will be updated in the VHSC tryout system.

Does HVS affect the U8-U11 age groups?

No!  HVS age groups are U12-U19.  VHSC will have competitive teams in ALL AGE GROUPS U8-U19!

What happens if I make an HVS team?

If you make an HVS team, we will update your tryout registration at VHSC... so nothing to worry about.

What is the difference between HVS and VHSC competitive teams?

HVS teams are partnered teams with VHSC and Hoover Soccer Club.  These teams are designed to compete regionally and nationally.  

VHSC teams are our traditionally awesome competitive teams that compete regionally and state wide in the highest level possible.

What happens with VHSC teams now that HVS is here?

Nothing!  We are full steam ahead with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams forming where available.  We will still have top teams that compete at the highest level in Alabama.

2022-2023 • U13-U19 Boys Tryouts

Boys2010 - U13OPEN
Boys2009 - U14OPEN
Boys2008 - U15OPEN
Boys2007 - U16OPEN
Boys2006 - U17OPEN
Boys2005 - U18OPEN
Boys2004 - U19OPEN
Updated May 17, 2022

2022-2023 • U13-U19 Girls Tryouts

2010 - U13GirlsOPEN
2009 - U14GirlsOPEN
2008 - U15GirlsOPEN
2007 - U16GirlsOPEN
2006 - U17GirlsOPEN
2005/04 - U19GirlsOPEN
Updated MAY 17, 2022

2022-2023 • U8-U12 Boys Tryouts

U8 Boys2015OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U9 Boys2014OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U10 Boys2013OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U11 Boys2012OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U12 Boys2011OPEN
Last Updated: May 25, 2022

2022-2023 • U8-U12 Girls Tryouts

U8 Girls2015OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U9 Girls2014OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U10 Girls2013OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U11 Girls2012OPEN - Please contact Jason Woodall for more information!
U12 Girls2011OPEN
Last Updated: May 25, 2022

2022-2023 Competitive Team Names & Age Group Chart

Birth YearAge GroupGirls Team NamesBoys Team NamesFormat
2015Under 8Attack 15Steamers 157v7
2014Under 9Attack 14Steamers 147v7
2013Under 10Attack 13Steamers 137v7
2012Under 11Attack 12Steamers 129v9
2011Under 12Attack 11Steamers 119v9
2010Under 13Attack 10Steamers 1011v11
2009Under 14Attack 09Steamers 0911v11
2008Under 15Attack 08Steamers 0811v11
2007Under 16Attack 07Steamers 0711v11
2006Under 17Attack 06Steamers 0611v11
2005Under 18Attack 05Steamers 0511v11
2004Under 19Attack 04Steamers 0411v11
Team names include: Black, Black II, Black III, White, and White II
Steamers/Attack Black (1st team), Steamers/Attack Black II (2nd team), etc.
Last Update: February 24, 2022