Become a Certified U.S. Soccer Federation Referee

As soccer continues to grow in Alabama and across the state, more referees are needed to support the growth.

Alabama already has a shortage of soccer referees and referees are vital to the success and growth of our sport; a game cannot be played without referees.

VHSC is excited to promote the New Soccer Referee Program for the 2020-2021 season to bring youth players into refereeing and help address the shortage.

Next Steps

This year’s First-time Grassroots Referee Certification Clinics will be held virtually via Zoom.

Create a profile and register at the U.S. Soccer Referee Learning Center (each referee will need to register with their own email address.

If your player does not have their own personal email address, please create one before registering)

  • Select one of the online/virtual training courses being held in August by clicking one of the Virtual Referee Course links below and paying the registration fee.
  • Note – Each session is limited to 20 participants and registration closes the Wednesday before the session start date.
  • Complete the online coursework and be certified as a referee.

Alabama Virtual Referee Course Links

Note – If your player is under 18, a parent should assist with the registration steps and online payment.

Learn more about becoming a Soccer Referee on the Alabama Soccer Referee website at Becoming a Soccer Referee

Questions? Please contact John Clemmons at