New 2021 Referee Course Announced!

2021 Grassroots entry level Referee clinic information:

When: Dec 19,2020
Where: Virtual Zoom Session
Time: 9:00AM - 10:30AM CT

Only new, first time referees registering for 2021 should sign up for this course. Grassroots and regional referees registered in 2020 who are recertifying for 2021 using the license extension option should not register for this course. Instead, follow the steps sent out by the Alabama State Referee Committee.

To register for this course, you must be 14 years of age or older (or turning 14 before February 1, 2021). If 18 years of age or older, you must also complete the required background check (found under "Supplemental Courses") before you will be issued your referee license. Individuals who have lived outside of the U.S. for more than sixth months in the last seven years should contact the course administrator before registering for this course or initiating the background check process.

After registering, all online requirements listed under the "Assignments" tab for this course MUST be completed before the referee license is approved and issued. You must also attend the in-person Zoom virtual session on the designated day and time. Once you attend the in-person session, pass the background check, and complete all online assignments for this course, your 2021 registration will be approved.

The in-person virtual Zoom session will be held on December 19th from 9:00-10:30 AM. Use the following link to join the call:

The Alabama SRC will also be providing optional ongoing educational opportunities through a monthly webinar series covering various topics.

Recorded videos for the webinar series can be found here:

For questions, contact Pete Dakis at, the lead instructor for the course.

Spring 2021 Recreational Soccer Registration is NOW OPEN!

Welcome to Vestavia Hills Soccer Club, Leaders in Youth Development!

We are excited to have completed the Fall 2020 season amidst the pandemic allowing players and families to have some sort of relief from the 'New Normal' by getting back on the field and playing the great game of Soccer!  Players, Parents, Families, and Staff did a wonderful job this past Fall!  Thank you for all your dedication and patience in these unprecedented times!

On that note, all 2021 Spring Recreational programs are now open!  Please sign up today and secure your spot in your favourite Recreational Soccer Program!

We have programs for boys and girls at all ages from U4 and older!  Please click on the links below to register for your program of choice!

If you are looking for more and are a U7-U10 player, we have Spring programming to supplement your existing Recreational program.  We will be starting a U8-U9 Spring Academy that trains 1X on the weekend to add to your recreational soccer.  This will not conflict with any existing programs.  If interested, please contact Jason Woodall at for more information!

Questions?  Please contact us at (205) 978-0182 or email us at


Attack 11 Inter Milan are Showdown Champions!

Attack 11 Inter Milan are the Alabama Soccer Showdown Champions!  It was the team's second tournament championship in as many chances this season.

The players have shown a lot of growth as players in a short amount of time.  Their development is obvious on the field, but behind the scenes the players are developing lifelong friendships that will last a lifetime.  These girls have each other's back and treat each other as family!

Keep an eye on these girls, their future is bright!

Congratulations to the Attack 11 Girls and Coach Philip Beverly for a great season!!!

Attack 11 Inter Milan 2

Steamers 03 Black are State Cup Finalists!

Congratulations to the Steamers 03 Black team for reaching the State Cup Final!  The boys performed excellently over the weekend but fell short in the hard fought match against USC.  It was a tough match to start as we the Steamers went went back and forth as both teams applied high pressure early in the game.

In the 2nd half, the Steamers battled hard but gave up a late goal to USC.  The boys poured their hearts on the field and did their best.  A worthy performance for a great team with a great season.

Congratulations to the Steamers as 2020 U19 Boys D1 State Finalists!

We wish the best for all the players as they move forward to College!

Attack 10 Dortmund are Showdown Semi-Finalists!


The Attack 10 Dortmund went 1-1-1 over the weekend making it to the Alabama Soccer Showdown Semi-Finals!

The weekend started with a great battle against a hard-nosed Madison team.  The team battled through a high-press team to go up 2-1 on a great display of individual skills.  The Madison team scored late to equalise resulting in a draw in the opening match.

In the 2nd match on Saturday, the girls played some of the best soccer of their season.  Building from the back, switching the point of attack, and some great combination play, the girls played awesome!  The Attack scored 1 unanswered goal to win this match in style!  Hard work, great focus, and great soccer put the girls in the lead this night, placing them into the Semi-Finals on Sunday!

Moving into Sunday, the girls were in a tie for 1st in their bracket.  A winner for their side of division had to be determined by a PK shootout before the Semi-Final matches could be played.  If they won, they would play the 2nd place team in the other side of the division, if they lost, they would have to play the #1 seed.

After a good night's sleep, the girls came ready and focused for the Shootout, determined to perform.


The Shootout began with Madison, Saturday's rival, shooting 1st.  SHOT WIDE BY MADISON! Next up was the Attack who stepped up to the ball convincingly but put a little to much under the ball sending it over the goal!

The 2nd Madison stepped up...  whistle blows... SHOT - SAVED by the Attack GK!  Next up was the Attack's 2nd shooter.  SHOT - SAVE by the Madison GK!

The 3rd Madison shooter stepped up to take their 3rd penalty with the pressure on... If she missed or the GK saved it, the Attack could seal off the victory with a goal!...

After the 1st miss by Madison and the 2nd shot saved by the Attack GK, the Attack GK had gained focus and confidence, knowing she could do this...

Madison SHOT... Attack GK DIVING SAVE!  2 saves for the Iron Clad GK!

The Attack's 3rd shooter stepped up knowing her side of the goal and what she wanted to do... the side she had practiced shooting time and time again... the goal she had visualised in her head over and over.

Referee WHISTLE... Attack SHOT... GOAL GOAL GOAL!  Low and into the corner... a convincing shot with accuracy and power... Attack scored!  The Attack team and fans erupted, cheering with elation as victors of the Shootout!  2 saves and and excellent final penalty put the Attack as the #1 seed out of their side of the division.


Could the Attack turn their focus from the Shootout to the semi-final match?  It was cross-town rival Trussville for the 2nd time in 2 weeks... They meet again in the Semi-Final at the Showdown.  2 weeks prior the Attack had defeated the Blaze 2-1 in a great match at Liberty Park.  The rematch was to played on the turf, a faster and harder surface.

In an overcast morning with slight drizzle, the field was even faster than normal.  The Blaze came out tough and strong, playing very direct with a barrage of long balls putting the Attack under immense pressure.  The slick surface played to Trussville's advantage.  A more direct and physical side, Trussville put the pressure on.

Unable to find a groove, the Attack struggled early on building from the back resulting in a late 1st half goal putting the Blaze up 1-0 at half time.

The Attack stunned by the late goal in the 1st half, started the 2nd half giving up a goal in the 1st 30 seconds putting the Trussville 10 Blaze Red up in a difficult situation for the Attack.  Trussville had a 2-0 lead.

The Attack fought hard to the end but were unable to find the groove of Saturday and of 2 weeks ago.  The physical side of Trussville prevailed on this day with a 2-0 victory.


Congratulations to the Attack for a great season and for making the Semi-Finals this past weekend! We are proud of all their accomplishments and development this season.    Thank you to all the players for their hard work and determination and commitment to their team and game.  A special thanks to all the parents for their great support of their children and the program.

As the weekend did not end up with the result the team wanted, the team learned a lot from the weekend and had a wonderful season overall.  We are looking forward to seeing these future-stars over the Winter and into the Spring!  The sky is the limit!  Keep up the awesome work!


January Futsal Programs Announced!

Futsal Court Image


Players will have a chance this January to improve their technical ability in a positive, exciting, and challenging environment with Futsal!

Futsal will keep the players going refining that skill work and having fun on the court! Focuses include individual technique and ball skills, small-sided match-play, great conditioning and more!

Please see website for all dates and times!

Where:  Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex Futsal Courts
Ages:  U8 - U19
Who:  Boys & Girls - Open to Players from ANY CLUB
Dates:  January Dates: January 4 - 17

All players must abide by COVID-19 Protocols

Questions?  Please contact Luke Whittle at

Steamers 11 Crystal Palace are Alabama Soccer Showdown Champions!

The Steamers 11 Crystal Palace Boys team coached by Coach Andy Yactayo went undefeated at the Alabama Soccer Showdown this weekend only conceding one goal in all the matchups!  This team's impressive display is mainly due to each player’s mentality and cohesiveness to play as a team and always push towards goal!

This team is one to watch on the future with more development yet to come.

Well done boys!

Winter Soccer Training this December & January!

Announcing winter training this December and January! Training will consist of 8 sessions in December and 6 sessions in January! We are excited to keep the ball rolling with players this Winter.

Sessions will focus on technical development and small-sided matches… Technical development, ball skills, conditioning, agility, coordination, and much more!

Check out all the information below!


Where:  Central Field and Liberty Park Fields
Ages: Boys & Girls U9-U12
Who:  Players from ANY CLUB
Head Trainer: Jason Woodall

Registration Link: CLICK HERE!

Dates:  December 2020

  • Nov 30, Dec 2, 5
  • December 7, 9, 12, 14, 16

Cost:  $150 (8 Sessions)


  • Mondays @ Central 6-7:30 PM
  • Wednesdays @ LP 6-7:30 PM
  • Saturdays @ Central 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Players attend any and all sessions


Where:  Central Field and Liberty Park Fields
Ages:  Boys & Girls U9-U12
Who:  Players from ANY CLUB
Head Trainer: Jason Woodall

Registration Link: CLICK HERE!

Dates:  January 2021

  • January 4, 6, 9
  • January 11, 13, 16

Cost:  $100 (6 Sessions)


  • Mondays @ Central 6-7:30 PM
  • Wednesdays @ LP 6-7:30 PM
  • Saturdays @ Central 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Players attend any and all sessions


Questions?  Please contact Jason Woodall at 

Fall 2020 Kindergarten Reading Buddies

Our Kindergarten Reading Buddies Program, where staff coaches attend classes and read to the students, kicked off year number NINE this week at Liberty Park Elementary. Pictured above is Coach Rocky and Ms. Rarey’s class.

Thanks to all the coaches who have donated their time for this great community service, and a big thanks to all the teachers for allowing us this access.