COVID-19 Reporting Updates


Although variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 continue to circulate, we know much more about the virus and the disease it causes.  Importantly, we now have widely available vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.  Given the availability of this knowledge, along with several prevention and treatment options, we feel comfortable ending our active monitoring of COVID-19 within the club and terminating the COVID-19 portal.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding over the past 2 years as we all navigated changes due to COVID-19.  As a club, we have worked hard to be responsible citizens and do our part in the community to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 while also allowing our players to continue to play.

Importantly, viruses causing COVID-19 along with several other respiratory viruses are highly transmissible and currently circulating. Their presence will likely continue to increase as we go through the fall season. So, as we enter a new playing season, we ask that you review the policies below to ensure we are all doing our part to keep our players healthy and our teams playing.


Monitor your child for symptoms. Do NOT bring a player to practice that has ANY symptoms of illness (even if you think it is just allergies).  Coaches will understand.  Being cautious about your child’s health is the best course of action for every team.

  1. If your player tests positive for COVID-19:
    • Notify your coach.
    • Do not participate in club events (games, practices, etc.) for 5 days from the onset of symptoms.
    • Your player may return on day 6 if he or she is symptom-free.
  2. Please tell your child to NOT share water bottles. Sharing of water bottles can quickly spread illness to several players on a team.


  1. Remind your players to not come to practice if they have any symptoms of illness. Reassure players they will not be punished for missing practice/games to encourage responsible behaviours.
  2. Note: we are shutting down the portal, so there is no more reporting to the club.
  3. Players reporting symptoms should stay home until they are symptom-free.
  4. Players that report testing positive for COVID-19 must refrain from club activities for 5 days from onset of symptoms. They may return on day 6 IF they are symptom-free.
  5. Tell players that sharing of water bottles is NOT allowed. This is just best practice to limit the spread of any disease.


RE:  COVID-19 UPDATES 1/11/2022

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not going away and the omicron variant is spreading much more rapidly than any other variants.  You may have heard that the infection with omicron results in less severe disease than infection with the prior variants.  This may or may not be true, but what is undisputed is that the rapid spread of omicron means that many thousands of people will be infected within a similar timeframe, burdening the healthcare system, hindering medical procedures, and limiting access to care for all.

As a club, we want to be responsible citizens and do our part in the community to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  

Here are the top four things you can do to help the community and keep your soccer player playing:

  1. Get vaccinated.  Get boosted if you are eligible. The Pfizer vaccine is now available to anyone 5 years of age and older.  We urge all players and parents to get vaccinated.
  2. Be proactive. If your player is notified of (or has) a close contact exposure or has symptoms, report it in the COVID portal, so the club can take appropriate action to keep the whole team safe and playing.  CLICK HERE TO REPORT
    • A close contact exposure is being less than 6 ft away from an infected person for 15 or more cumulative minutes in a 24 hr period.
  3. Take appropriate action.  If you get notice of a close contact exposure, DO NOT get tested immediately. Testing too soon can result in false negatives.  Do the following if you have a close contact exposure:
    • If you are vaccinated or have had COVID in the last 90 days, monitor for symptoms and take precautions around others (such as wearing a mask).  
    • If you are NOT vaccinated, isolate for 5 days OR test on day 3 and you can return with a negative test.
    • If you TEST POSITIVE for COVID, isolate for 5 days (from date of positive test) before returning.  If you are still experiencing symptoms at day 5, then continue to isolate until you are symptom-free without medication for 24 hours
  4. Create and maintain safe team environments  
    • Please do NOT bring a player to practice that has ANY symptoms of illness. No one wants COVID or any other disease spread at practices or games.
    • No team meals or gatherings indoors! The science still demonstrates (and we have observed first-hand) that the threat of viral transmission outdoors is still low.  But indoor, crowded, or poorly ventilated events increase the spread of the virus DRAMATICALLY.
    • If you must carpool, wear masks always, and keep the windows down whenever reasonable. Only carpool when absolutely necessary.  This will limit the quarantine of everyone in the carpool, should one individual test positive for COVID. 

COVID-19 Policy Updates for VHSC


As we enter the new season this Fall, VHSC has updated its COVID-19 policies.  Please make sure to read all policies regarding COVID-19 precautions, action steps, and more to protect not only yourselves but to protect others.

Please follow all Federal, State, Local, and Club guidelines as we move into the soccer season.  You can read below for the links to our policies and reporting portal online.

Questions regarding policy?  Please use the COVID-19 portal.

Questions about eligibility surrounding COVID-19 exposure or need to report symptoms or a test result?  Please complete the online form and our COVID-19 Committee will be in touch with you.

If you don't know or you or anyone in your household feels ill or exhibits signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend training and consult your Health Care Provider immediately.

COVID-19 Policies - Updated 8/4/21

COVID-19 Policy and Guideline Updates – July 23


Dear Vestavia Hills Soccer Members and Supporters, 

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We have received questions from the community about if and how COVID-19 will change this year’s soccer season. We know this outbreak has been stressful for many and recognise that exercising and participating in activities like soccer can be a healthy way to cope with stress and connect with our community. After careful thought and planning, we are excited to let you know that we plan to resume youth sports while following CDC considerations to protect players, families, and our community.

The health and safety of our athletes, staff, volunteers, and families remain our highest priority. Below, you will find a link to the policies, guidelines, protocols, and actions we are taking to help ensure we are lowering COVID-19 risk as much as possible while also allowing our athletes to play.  Please note the COVID-19 / Communicable Disease guidelines and policies are passed down to VHSC from multiple governing bodies:

  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Federal, State, and Local Municipalities
  • Vestavia Hills Parks & Recreation
  • USYS
  • Alabama Soccer Association

The policies and procedures and not limited to the above resources.  The Club may add further procedures and guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants.  If you have any questions, please fill out this form online and our COVID-19 committee will respond shortly:  CLICK HERE.  We will have more updates as needed and as we move into August.  Please make sure to check our website and your email for any and all updates to the existing policies and procedures.

Please see the links below for all VHSC Policies & Guidelines.  Thank you in advance for adhering to all VHSC COVID-19 / Communicable Disease Guidelines and Policies.

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